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Time Wise Mastery

UNLOCK THE POWER OF EVERY MOMENT WITH TIME WISE MASTERY In an exclusive partnership with the Goforth Wellness App. Time Wise Mastery-your ultimate companion mastering time management for a healthier, more productive life.

Plan Includes

  • This perfectly aligns with Jenny's wellness monthly themes for a seamless integration into your routine. This all-inclusive subscription offers:

  • Customized Monthly E-Book: Dive deeper into the monthly theme with great content.

  • Tailored Monthly Tasks & Overview: Stay on track and focused.

  • Monthly Course that is tailored to the monthly theme.

  • Monthly workbook: Learn new strategies and apply them directly to you life.

  • Monthly video and course checklist: Stay motivated and on course.

  • Daily and Yearly Planner: Organize your journey to success.

  • Personalized Coaching Calls: Kickstart each week with a 15- min. call and a monthly 30- consultation to set your goals and crush them.

How it works

  • Purchase the program
  • Book your consultation
  • Cancel anytime




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